VIDEO: Michigan Senator Coleman A. Young II rails against Grand Bargain package of aid to Detroit

LANSING, Mich. (WXYZ) - State Senator Coleman A. Young II spoke out for more than ten minutes offering harsh criticism just before lawmakers voted on the package of Detroit bankruptcy aid bills that have come to be known as the Grand Bargain.

Senator Young, a Democrat, represents District 1 in Detroit. His father was the city's former mayor.

"I rise today to register my opposition to Detroit bankruptcy bills which would keep the city of Detroit under the rule of some unelected cronies for lord knows how long," he said.

The senator went on to say he appreciated lawmakers' interest in Detroit and in saving the artwork of the Detroit Institute of Arts, but he said, "I remain dismayed that that interest translates to ownership, possession and oversight."

Young said that because Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr was not elected by the people of Detroit, his continued role in circumvents the rights of the city's voters.

"My community wants to be included, not exploited by greedy Wall Street bankers who took advantage of the citizens," he said.

Watch Senator Young's complete speech in the video player above.

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