Volunteers board up vacant buildings, hope to create safer routes to school for Detroit students

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The walk to school will be a little safer next week for some kids in southwest Detroit.

Saturday, around 80 volunteers met outside Harms Elementary School near Central and Pitt to board up vacant structures nearby.

The goal was to cut off criminals' access to abandoned structures and force them out of the neighborhood, so kids feel safe walking to and from school.

Several organizations took part including volunteers from the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services' Active Community Teen Service program and Americorps Urban Safety project.

Tim Delong, a volunteer from Troy, says security should be every child's right.

"Where I come from and where I grew up, I never had to worry about a safe route to school," Delong said. "I think that's something that should just be essential for any child, so we're working out here to make sure every kid in Southwest Detroit and hopefully every kid in Detroit can have that."

Volunteers worked through the cold and snow from 8:30 a.m. until late Saturday afternoon.

They plan to meet again Sunday and Monday to begin boarding up buildings in the Cody and Osborn school areas.

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