Volunteers help boxing legend Tommy Hearns cleans up old neighborhood

DETROIT (WXYZ) - His neighborhood helped make Tommy Hearns a boxing champ, and today he made good on a promise to return to his roots and help knock out blight.

Volunteers came ready to work.  Kids, teenagers and adults all taking part to make a difference. 

"First we started raking the dead grass, then we put down wood chips so the weeds don't grow back." one volunteer told 7 Action News.

"I'm filled with joy." said Tommy Hearns. "I figured a few people would come out, but not so many."

Hearns grew up on Helen Street on Detroit's East Side.  He recently returned to find vacant lots filled with trash and weeds waist high. Pledging to do something for the remaining neighbors, he organized a clean up.

Volunteers cleared the vacant lots. 

In August, Hearns is planning a block party as a way to say thank you to the people of the city he loves so much.

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