Volunteers put in hours to help clean up a Detroit shelter

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It was a gorgeous day to get outside and do some work. And dozens of volunteers put in hours to help a local shelter clean up.

The Tumaini Shelter's operations manager Lewis Hickson says his lots are piling up with trash. Hickson believes nearly 70 churches come to the property to feed the homeless a week. But instead of food containers getting thrown in the trash... they get thrown on the ground.

Volunteers say there is so much trash out there that it is impossible for them to clean it all up in one day. Some volunteers also express they are concerned for their safety.

"There are a lot of drugs users so there's going to be needles," says one.

Last Sunday, organizations have teamed up in an effort to clean up the mess but are continuing to look for more help.

You can contact the Tumaini Shelter if you're interested in lending a hand.


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