CAUGHT ON TAPE: Scrappers hit Detroit building; Fourth time building has been victimized

DETROIT (WXYZ) - They knew they were taking stuff that didn't belong to them, but what they scrap metal thieves didn't know is they were being recorded.

John Cromer is mad as hell, and you would be too. Last Thursday night, two guys climbed the wall to get to the Tower Center's rooftop. Once they made it, they went to work, stealing copper and aluminum from the newly replaced air conditioning units.  It's the fourth time it has happened. The repair bill is roughly $120,000.

"We can't just sit there and let scrappers creep into  the middle of the night to rob us piece by piece," said Cromer.

Cromer is considering installing an electric fence to keep the scrappers from stealing. 

"We hope they do come up there and touch it," said Cromer.  "It will be the last thing they ever touch. I'm ready to see them burn, baby burn."

Sounds extreme, but scrap metal thieves have hit this same building four times. All the tenants are suffering. When the crooks took the parts, they knocked out air conditioning to the entire building.

7 Action News put the neighborhood on alert to help try and track down the crooks. Their images were shown to people in the area, and posters were placed in nearby business windows.

"If you come to The Towers with behavior that says I want to go to jail or prison, we are going to help you get there." said Cromer.

If you know who the two guys are give Detroit Police a call at 313.596.2200 or send an email to 7 Action News Reporter Ronnie Dahl .


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