Detroit Financial Review team meets, audience disrupts with shouts and song

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The financial review team that is looking into Detroit's finances met Monday as the deadline approached for them to present their findings to Governor Rick Snyder.

The meeting was interrupted multiple times by people in the crowd chanting and singing.

The review team was given until the end of the day on March 26 to make their recommendation. They have since found that a severe financial emergency exists in the city of Detroit.

Governor Snyder will now have to decide how he wants to proceed. The governor has said he wants to enter into a consent agreement with the city.

However, it is also possible that he will appoint an emergency manager to oversee operations in Detroit.

Deputy Mayor Kirk Lewis and City Council President Charles Pugh have released the following statement in the wake of today's meeting:

As Governor Snyder and Mayor Bing have previously stated, they do not want an emergency manager in Detroit, and neither do the citizens and elected officials in the City of Detroit.

It is also true that neither the mayor nor the majority of the council is in favor of a consent agreement. However, we are making significant progress with the state to develop a Financial Stability Agreement to restore Detroit fiscally and preserve the democratic process.

The Mayor's Office and City Council have agreed not to discuss details until a final agreement is reached. Our goal is to have an agreement by the end of the week.

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