Court battle over roles of Emergency Manager and elected board at Detroit Public Schools

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A judge has sided with Roy Roberts in his battle against the Detroit School Board, ruling that under Michigan law Roberts is the school district's Emergency Financial Manager.

Because of that any decisions he made before August 8 are being upheld. 

In Tuesday's hearings attorneys for Roberts were asking a Wayne County Circuit Court judge for an injunction against the Detroit Board of Education.

This injunction would halt the board's ability to impact programs and financial aspects of the upcoming school year for DPS.

At issue were decisions Roberts made as Emergency Manager under Public Act 4.

Public Act 4 was suspended when it was placed on the November ballot by the Board of Canvassers. When that happened Michigan law reverted to Public Act 72, which allows for the appointment of an Emergency Financial Manager.'

As an Emergency Manager Roberts had broader powers than he does as an Emergency Financial Manager.

During Tuesday's hearing the judge ruled that since Public Act 72 is in effect, Roberts still has powers to run the district under that law..

The judge also ruled that any decision Roberts made before August 8 are being upheld.

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