Wayne State University considers move to make campus smoke-free

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Smoking restrictions are currently in place at Wayne State University but the school may go a step further and make the campus smoke-free.

That would not please Corey Busby, a student who was taking a break for a smoke around the noon hour Tuesday. He lit up 25 feet away from the entrance to his academic building, following the policy in place now.

"I think you should give people choice, and we have that now," said Busby. "Why change it?"

But change could be coming.

An 11-member task force made up of faculty, staff and students is looking at the issue of whether the university should become smoke-free. 

"We put a campus survey out a couple of weeks ago and we've had almost 6,000 people respond to the survey," said Julie Miller, chair of the Smoke-Free Campus Initiative Task Force.

"It's probably going to be more positive than negative but keeping an open mind and want to make sure we listen to what people are telling us," Miller told 7 Action News.

Nearly two dozen Michigan colleges and universities are currently smoke-free.

Busby is opposed to the outright ban on tobacco use.

"I think maybe we could have some designated smoking areas but to make the campus totally smoke-free, I think would be ridiculous, actually," Busby said.

Fourth year student Kelsey Skinner said she is in favor of a ban.

"Even though there's the 25-foot rule, if it's raining, people don't stand 25-feet away from the building, they're right in front of you and you have to walk through this huge cloud of smoke," said Skinner.

The task force is due to make its recommendation to Wayne State President Dr. M. Roy Wilson by June 15.


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