Will DPD Chief Ralph Godbee resign?

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Rumors are swirling that Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee is going to resign, but so far they are just rumors.  There is no official confirmation from the city or the police department.

This comes after the Mayor Dave Bing suspended Godbee pending an investigation into the relationship he allegedly had with a married officer in internal affairs.

Angelica Robinson says she began an affair with her boss in 2011.  She says she decided to expose it on twitter after she learned he might have been with another woman during a trip to a conference.

"She needs help," said a neighbor of Chief Godbee. "What is she complaining about? She is married. I hope he doesn't lose his job over this because he is a good man and a good police chief."

For now, Mayor Dave Bing says Assistant Chief Chester L. Logan is the interim chief.

At the Detroit Police Department most police officers did not want to talk about their now suspended boss.

However, on Twitter where the scandal started, one police officer tweeted, " @ Ralph_Godbee you are a wonderful boss and a good person. I hope this BS drama blows over and we see u soon. Go Green. .. stay safe."

Detroit City council members say they do not plan to take action on this issue.

It is in the mayor's hands.

However say they hate to see another scandal connected to those charged with leading the city.

"It is a distraction our city doesn't need," said council person James Tate.

Godbee is married, but filed for a divorce in August.  An attorney for his wife said that this is the chief's issue, not his family's.  She says his daughter and wife would appreciate their privacy.

7 Action News stopped by Godbee's home, but we were told he had not yet returned from his conference trip in California.

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