Witness recounts beating of 34-year old man after traffic accident on Detroit's east side

Broken glass and other remnants from the vehicles involved in the weekend crash litter the ground at the intersection of Vernor and Chalmers on Detroit’s east side.
Still fresh in the minds of residents is the assault of 34-year old Nathanial Szczerbinski by at least two of the men who were occupants of a van that collided with the Grosse Pointe Park man’s car.
Myron Dean, who lives just down from the intersection, told 7 Action News he heard the crash and rushed out of his house to witness what happened next.
“The man jumped out like, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for hitting you all,’” Dean said, referring to Szczerbinski’s reaction after the accident.
Szczerbinski had been heading west -- driving the wrong way on Vernor, which is a one-way street.  He was attempting to turn his vehicle around when the collision occurred. 
The assault began when Szczerbinski went to check on the condition of those in the van—which included a number of children.  No one was injured but the driver of the vehicle punched Szczerbinski, according to Dean and another passenger in the van quickly joined the attack. Szczerbinski told police three men were took part in the attack.  He did not fight back. 
“They beat him unconscious in the field over there, just pounding him, pounding him, punching him, punching him,” Dean said. “I understand that he caused the accident coming up the one way but when he got out of the car, he was apologizing,” said Dean.
This assault follows by a few months the brutal beating of Steve Utash—who was attacked by an angry mob after he accidentally hit a young boy with his truck on the east side of Detroit.
According to Dean there were numerous witnesses to the assault of Szczerbinski but no one tried to stop it.
"You can’t put yourself in the predicament to help somebody else when you live over here and you have kids of your own, you get what I’m saying,” Dean asked. "You don’t know what people are capable of doing.”
Detroit Police spokesman Adam Madera said a 20-year old male is in custody on assault charges. Two other men, suspected of involvement in the attack, are being sought. The investigation is continuing. 
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