Woman carjacked right outside her apartment in downtown Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Wednesday evening, Brittany Guerriero went through a terrifying ordeal that she would just like to erase from her mind.

She was the victim of a carjacking as she was moving into her new apartment near Comerica Park.

“They walked right up on me. Even if I was carrying a gun, there was no way I could have pulled it out,” said Guerriero. “They had the gun right against my stomach and just said stay calm, don’t look at us, look the other way, look the other way. I just kept staring at the gun and said 'I will give you what ever you want.'"

‪She was piling some of her belongings onto a cart outside of The Broderick Tower along Witherell St. around 9:30 pm Wednesday.

“They saw me over here, saw me unloading, waited until I was by myself, and pounced.”

Two men were targeting her 2007 Ford Fusion.

‪“I realized I had my keys in my hands.  So, I handed them my keys and tried to walk toward my apartment and they said if you take one more step we will shoot you,” said Guerriero.  “I remember standing there thinking I don’t know if they are going to shoot me in the back of the head or not right now.”

‪It appears the pair had a busy night. It's believed they robbed a man and a woman right before stealing Guerriero’s car.

The duo also carjacked the driver of a 2002 Buick Lesabre after midnight along West Grand Boulevard.

For someone like Guerriero, moving to her new neighborhood is making her thing twice.

‪“I have worked in this area for what, more than 15 years. I’ve walked these streets 5 days a week for the last decade. Just this area, I’ve always felt very safe here,” said Guerriero. “Now I don’t even feel safe going out of my front door.”

If you recognize the men seen in these pictures, call Detroit Police.

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