Workers continue their efforts to rebuild the Cody-Rouge neighborhood

DETROIT - Hundreds gathered at Stein Park to celebrate a new beginning for Cody High School and the Cody-Rouge Neighborhood.

The crowd was a mix of neighborhood residents, workers and volunteers.  They were all celebrating progress made this week to clean things.

The organization Life Remodeled led an effort to work on more than 200 city blocks. They boarded up vacant houses, cut overgrown lots and covered graffiti on buildings.

“You see the beauty,” said Dobey Gavin, a Cody-Rouge resident. "A lot of things people did not know that was there in the community until we knocked down the weeds and the trees and boarded up the house.”

Workers and volunteers also remodeled parts of Cody High School. 

Alise Zirilli teaches food and nutrition classes at the school. She told 7 Action News that the equipment in her classroom dated back decades, was rusted and needed replacement. Life Remodeled transformed things for her.

“I now have new cabinets, new flooring, all new appliances. I’m super excited!” said Zirilli. “My students are now able to have this great cooking experience and learn how to access food and cook healthy food.”

Dobey Gavin wants the energy generated from this effort to carry forward.

“We’ve got to keep this force going and keep the community beautiful and safe for our children,” said Gavin.

The push to breathe new life into the Cody-Rouge area does not stop.  The next big project is renovating the football field at Stein Park, and work is already underway. When completed, it will be called Hope Field. 

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