43-year-old Wixom man arrested in connection with I-96 corridor shootings

WIXOM, Mich. (WXYZ) - Police say a 43-year-old Wixom man has been arrested in connection with the I-96 corridor shootings.


Officials say they are still working out possible charges in the case. However, they say it is possible he could face both federal and state charges.

Task Force members arrested the suspect Monday night.

ATF Senior Special Agent Donald Dawkins says they are confident they have the right man.

"We feel good about where we are at this point in the investigation but we still have to put everything together," Dawkins says. "There are a lot of missing pieces, a lot of evidence to be examined and we have possible potential charges. All that has to be gone over before we can decide and say okay, yes, we're going to go in this direction."

Police say potential evidence was also seized during the arrest.

"We examine all the evidence, potential charges to the US Attorney's office and to all the state and local agencies (prosecutors) and then we're going to reconvene later on and we're going to see what we have, sit down as a task force, as a group, and we're going to go from there," Dawkins says. "Everybody's been wonderful, I have to mention that. All the task force agencies, all the agencies involved have been fantastic. Cooperation's been fantastic. We couldn't have gotten to the point we are now without the cooperation we've had."

Members of the Task Force investigating the I-96 corridor shootings were active in one area of Wixom off Loon Lake Road last night.

Witnesses told 7 Action News that police and members of the FBI were all over the neighborhood, watching a house and towing a dark grey car.

Sources say that the police talked to the people in the house and also took items from the home.

Later, they kept watch on the neighborhood as they followed some leads.

There have been 24 shooting incidents connected as part of the I-96 corridor shootings. The Task Force has over 2,800 tips and the reward for information leading to a conviction stands at $102,000.

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