Bill Nowling, spokesman for Detroit EM Kevyn Orr, doing well after serious car accident

(WXYZ) - Bill Nowling says he is doing well and received only minor injuries after a traffic accident that totaled his car. Nowling, the spokesman for Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, says the accident happened Thursday, near his Green Oak Township home.

He tweeted photos of the wreck and thanked Hyundai engineers who, he said, "Saved my life."

Nowling tells 7 Action News he swerved at the last second to avoid a semi truck on Maltby road. While his car is totaled, the EM's spokesman says he walked away with only a 3-inch gash above his elbow and some scrapes and bruises.

Twelve stitches later, he is doing well. He says he was in and out of the emergency room yesterday.

The busy spokesman says he needed a new phone after the accident and - obviously - needs a new car. "Looking to buy now," he tweeted Friday morning, mentioning Ford, Dodge and Chevy in his tweet.


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