CAUGHT ON TAPE: Alleged drunk driver hits police car as it sits on the side of the road

HAMBURG TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - A police officer was sideswiped by a drunk driver and it was all caught on the cruiser’s dashcam.

It happened along M-36 in Hamburg Township on Friday at around midnight.

Sgt. Adam Fischhaber was doing paperwork in his Crown Victoria, after pulling a driver over for a mechanical problem. He was on the side of the roads with the cruiser’s lights on.

“I heard a big ‘bang’ and saw my bumper fly and saw the vehicle that struck me keep going down the road,” Fischhaber says.

Sgt. Fischhaber pursued the hit-and-run driver, but the 27-year-old woman behind the wheel of the Honda Civic didn’t pull over for more than a mile.

She finally stopped in a strip mall parking lot, where Sgt. Fischhaber ordered her out of the vehicle with his gun drawn.

However, police say she more or less stumbled out of the car and didn’t even know she hit a cop car.

A breathalyzer test revealed that she had a blood alcohol level of .17, more than double the legal limit in Michigan.

Sgt. Fischhaber wasn’t injured. However, he does say this is the second time in a month that he has been hit by a drunk driver.

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