911 AUDIO: 'I am stuck in a tree house. Please help me,' says woman rescued in Livingston County

Cohoctah Township, Mich. (WXYZ) - What would you do if you got a phone call from a woman in need of help? And all she could tell you was that she was stuck in a tree in dangerously low temperatures? Livingston County dispatchers got that very call.

"Hi. I am stuck in a tree house. Please help me."

That's what you hear at the start of the 911 recordings.

When dispatchers ask for an address near where she is, all she can say is, "Oh my God."

It was 21 degrees outside and the woman was clearly unable to help herself. If this call had come in years ago, the end of the story would have likely been tragic.  Technology gave the woman a chance.

Dispatchers were able to narrow down the woman's location using her cell phone's GPS.

It lead them to the home of a friend of the woman.  He directed police to the location of tree blinds in the forest that surrounds his neighborhood in Cohoctah Township.

The woman was treated for exposure to the cold.  Investigators say she was intoxicated, and that may have led to her dilemma. 

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