Meningitis victim's family warns about drug linked to outbreak

HOWELL (WXYZ) - Family members describe Lily Cary as very caring and one-of-a-kind.

About a week ago, life was taken away from the 67-year-old.

"She had a heart of gold," said Cary's niece Vicky Guzman.

Cary was being treated with steroids for back pain. That steroid is potentially linked to an outbreak of fungal meningitis in several states.

She received the shots from Michigan Pain Specialists in Brighton.  The facility is one of at least four places in the state that has received the medication.

"It's devastating," said Guzman . "I feel sorry for the other families that are going through the same thing."

Family members told 7 Action News, after Cary got the shot, she started battling a fever. Within two days of that, she went into a coma and suffered a stroke.

"This is serious," said Guzman.  "The number of cases across the country are going up in numbers."

The outbreak has been linked to a steroid produced by a specialty pharmacy in Massachusetts and has been since recalled.

A memorial service will be held for Cary Tuesday.

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