Mom of quintuplets shows us what it is like at home caring for babies

Tyrone Township, MI (WXYZ) - When 7 Action News got to the Hicks' home in Livingston County's Tyrone Township Monday afternoon, it was surprisingly quiet. 

Jessica Hicks managed to get all four of the babies now home with her napping at the same time.  This, on her first day home alone caring for them. Before Monday, family was there to assist with care.

Jessica Hicks made history at the University of Michigan Hospital on September 5th when she gave birth to the first quintuplets ever born there. 

One of them, Emmet, is still in the hospital.  He had to have heart surgery, but doctors are hopeful he will recover quickly and go home in 2-4 weeks.

"It is very hard, wishing I was there with him," said Jessica Hicks.  "But I have other kids to take care of."

She spent Monday getting to know Emmet's siblings better.  She says in the past month they have shown that they all have their own personalities.

"Carol is the drama queen.  Ryker is normally the most awake and expressive.  Carol is Daddy's girl.  Parker just tries to fit in with everybody.  He just goes with the flow."

They are babies that beat the odds.

The chances of having quintuplets are about one in 55 million, and doctors feared mom or the babies wouldn't survive.  When they realized Jessica was pregnant with five babies, they asked if she wanted to quote "reduce" the pregnancy.

"It was instant tears as soon as they said the word.  I can't 'reduce'.  I created these children," said Jessica.  "... What one would you have chosen not to come home?"

Jessica and her husband Robert ironically at one time struggled to have just one child.  They had their first son Colton with the help of an oral fertility medication.  He is now 3-years-old.  When they tried to make him a big brother, the medication worked too well.

Jessica says people assume she had IVF treatments.

"Everybody is like, 'Why did you let them implant that many into you?  I didn't.  My body liked the medicine apparently, and we have five beautiful babies."

Now the family is trying to figure out how to fit everyone into their 2-bedroom, 1100-square-foot house.  So far, they have only found room for three cribs.  The tiny preemies are sharing cribs for now, but that won't last.

"We are going to burst at the seams very fast," said Jessica. 

The family is trying to figure out a way to add on to their home, but money is tight.  They are grateful that many people have asked how to help.  They have set up a formula and diaper fund where some have contributed.  You can learn more about it here.

"It is definitely a challenge, but its worth it.  Seeing them, it is worth it," said Jessica.

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