Newspaper Carrier being hailed a hero after saving man from burning home

(WXYZ) - A newspaper carrier in Livingston County is being hailed a hero after she saved a man from his burning home.

The carrier who didn't want to be identified talked with Action News. "I was out delivering my papers and I came up on my customer's box and I saw what looked like a bonfire out in the yard," the woman told 7 Action News.

What she was seeing was anything but a bonfire, it was the patio and home on fire.  Immediately she took action.

"A quarter to 5 in the morning. He's not going to be having a bonfire and it's really unusual for this subdivision, too." she said. "So I pulled into the driveway a little bit and saw that the porch was on fire."

The home is on a lake in Genoa Township near Brighton. The fire quickly spread from the porch to the home causing extensive damage to the inside. The carrier knows her customers on this route well and in this case she knew the elderly man was home.

"I knew my customer was home. I knew he was home. He's not on vacation. His car was in the driveway and somebody's in the house," she says.

She knew she had to do something so she did what she would want anyone else to do for her. She did everything in her power to alert the homeowner.

"I called 911, started honking my horn as I was driving up and I was talking to 911 and said I'd start pounding on the garage door," she said.

Parts of the exterior of the home are charred. The inside has heavy smoke and water damage.

"I'm just glad I happened to be here at the right time had it been 10, 15 minutes later that house would've gone up," she said speaking about her efforts.

When asked if the word hero applied to her, she said, "No, I'd just hope someone would do the same for me."

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