A man who would not come out of his home after shooting at neighbors is in police custody

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Police have a 47-year-old man in custody tonight after he refused to come out of his home after shooting at neighbors.

Roseville police had a home on Rosemont surrounded and had the street blocked off after a dispute between neighbors caused one of them to get a gun.

"I was lying down on the couch and heard a gunshot, didn't think anything of it," said Adam Amos.  Amos lives next door to the home where the man lives and knew it was trouble when a police officer banged on his door and told him to take cover.

"It was a police officer telling me that i had to turn off my lights, turn off my tv, and stay to the back of the house," said Amos.

Ten minutes later another officer told him he had to leave.  They were clearing out the homes on both sides of the home where the man with the gun lives because he refused to come out or communicate with police.

"That's the crazy thing about it, it just came out of nowhere," said Amos.

Police said the man got into an argument with his neighbors about a bonfire they were having and went back to his house to get his gun and then came out and said something to the effect of,  "Here's what I have for you" and fired his gun in their direction a couple of times.

"I don't know if it was out of control or not but either way you don't want to be shooting at your neighbors over a fire.  There are kids in this neighborhood," said Jennifer Haislip.

No one was injured.  Police took the man to the hospital.

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