Board of Police Commissioners sends letter to Bing, requests investigation

DETROIT, Mich (wxyz) - The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners sent a letter to Mayor Bing about the investigation into the scandal surrounding Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee.

The Mayor says the Department of Human Resources is doing the investigation, but the commissioners say they have the resources to conduct a proper study since this is not a criminal matter. The commissioners requested that their board be in charge. 

"We want clarification" says board chairman Jerome Warfield. 

Warfield adds he is praying for the chief and thinks the chief has been doing a good job and wants to make sure the investigation is fair and impartial.

The chief is under a 30-day suspension after an officer from internal affairs went public with an affair she says she's been having with the chief for almost a year.  She did that after she found out or believed that Godbee was with another woman out in California at a conference. 

The chief is in the process of a divorce, but if these new allegations are true it would be the second time he has been caught dating a subordinate. 

Letter from Board of Police Commissioners

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