Body parts found in sewer line in Sterling Heights and Warren are those of two different people

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Two body parts found in a Warren sewer line in December have a different DNA profile than body parts that were found in a sewer line in Sterling Heights last summer.

Warren police say they are investigating their case as a homicide until evidence leads them in another direction.

The body parts found in Sterling Heights had tattoos, but there are no identifying marks on the body parts discovered in Warren.

However, police say both sets of body parts are similar in size, shape and cutting patterns.

"We simply need one phone call and we can solve this case," says Det. Cpl. Mel Nearing with the Warren Police Department.

Warren police say they've checked missing persons databases along with criminal databases and have found no DNA matches.

"There's no legal or justifiable reason that these parts ended up in a drain," says Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green.

Police are asking anyone who may suspect or know that a white female went missing before August or December of 2012 to give them a call.

They also want anyone who might recognize the tattoo from the Sterling Heights case to call them as well.

You can contact Warren police at 586-574-4877.

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