Father thanks 7 Action News for help getting his name on son's birth certificate

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - He had DNA proof and a court order saying he is a little boy's dad, but one Macomb County man said he ran into roadblock after roadblock trying to get his name on his son's birth certificate. 

That is until he called 7 Action News for help.

"When Channel 7 went up there it made them get their ducks in a row," said Langston Hooper.

Hooper says when his son was born, the mother's boyfriend signed the birth certificate. Langston proved to the court he was the father with a DNA test, paid child support, and had custody of his son. 

He didn't think about the birth certificate until his son's mom passed away. Suddenly Langston had a hard time enrolling his son Cameron in school.

He tried to take care of it. 

He sent the state court documents and a DNA test saying he is Cameron's dad.  The state told him he also needed Macomb County to provide documents saying the man who signed the birth certificate was not the dad.

He says he had a hard time getting those documents.

7 Action News contacted the Macomb County Prosecutor, who promised on Friday to look into why Langston was having trouble and to try to help. 

On Monday the prosecutor's office filed a motion that Langston says will get him what he needs to move forward and change the birth certificate.

His son Cameron says it means a lot to him, because it will allow him to not only go by his dad's name, but to legally have his dad's name.

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