Flooding rains paralyze Chesterfield Township mobile home community

CHESTERFIELD TWP., Mich. (WXYZ) - Reports of serious flooding due to overnight storms was reported Thursday morning in Chesterfield Township.

Residents of the Carraige Way mobile home community woke up to find their cars surrounded by water. In some areas the water was more than eight inches high.

Randy Gilson has called the community home for a few short months but already knows the hassle of flooding. “Their drains don't work here,” Gilson says. “They're outdated."

He lives in the area with the most damage; an area along 24 Mile Road, between Gratiot & I-94.

“When it was snowing, it started melting and the drains were all blocked up, plugged up.” Gilson said.

Evidence of the night’s relentless rains could be seen all throughout the community. It wasn't until hours after the rains stopped that the waters started receding.

The high waters ripped the skirting from Gilson’s mobile home. Across the street the damage at Katherine Kuczynski’s home was not as bad but she agrees with Gilson; the drains are problematic.

“The drains don’t drain as well as far as we know.” She points in the direction of a main drainage pond and says it hasn’t drained well for months.

With her kids by her side and one of her boys playing in the flooded street she tells me if the bus doesn’t come down the street she’s not having her kids walk through the water to school.

“If the bus comes down the road they’ll go to school but if not, I’m not going through walking through all this rain,” Kuczynski says.

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