Governor Snyder and Mayor Fouts tour flood damaged areas of Warren

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - A week after devastating floods ravaged parts of Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is seeing the damage first hand on the ground.

He visited a block of Eureka in Warren, just off 10 Mile road. His first stop - the home of Gretchen Domino. A police officer by trade, she puts her life on the line at work helping people.

Today she’s the one needing help. Take a look at the photos in the slideshow and you’ll see the gaping hole in her foundation. The flood soaked earth around her home caused the foundation to cave in.

“Last time it flooded 3 years ago,” Gretchen said. “I lost a lot, so I called Allstate and they said you’re in a no flood zone.”

You wouldn't have believed that last week though. Thousands of homes in Warren suffered damage and homeowners and business owners lost almost everything the floodwaters came into contact with.

This time around Gretchen’s home could be written off as a total loss.

“I called them this time after this happened and I was actually left out to dry,” Gretchen tells me.

She shares a struggle echoed throughout the metro Detroit area. One shared by so many flood victims.

She shared her fight with us, “Why even have insurance when no one is stepping up to help you?”

That question is now being asked of Governor Snyder.

He talked with Gretchen while overlooking the work being done to her home. Then he walked next door to her neighbors home. They rent. Their landlord not helping them after pocketing a deposit of $2,500. They’re forced to live in a tent. The living conditions unsafe.

While touring, the Governor made a plea to victims that they keep all documents, photograph losses, keep receipts and notify the city where you live or your emergency management office for your county immediately.

“A number of cities do it on their own and have their own emergency management operation where they’re collecting that assessment,” Gov. Snyder said.

Congressman Sander Levin asking the same of residents and business owners in the tri-county area.

“People need to keep receipts when there is damages because this full information then has to be accumulated by the state, so the Governor can make the request from FEMA,” the Congressman said.

Governor Snyder is promising swift action, once he can get totals from those areas affected.

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