Heroin trafficking on the rise in Warren

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - The city of Warren's mayor says heroin is becoming out of control in the city, and he has ordered police to step up the fight against the deadly drug.

City officials say eight people have died from heroin since September. The victims range in age from 23 to 66 years old.

Heroin is a cheaper choice for addicts, as opposed to other narcotics- a tenth of a gram can be purchased for less than ten dollars, according to Mayor Jim Fouts.

Fouts says it also leads to more street crime.

"They need quick money," Fouts said.

Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green tells Action News two officers will be reassigned to the narcotics division to focus exclusively on fighting the heroin problem.

The Police department's special investigations Unit and the Patrol Division have made 54 arrests in the last three months for possession, selling, and delivery of heroin.

According to a statement released by Warren's City Hall, the U.S. Department's National Intelligence Center has reported that heroin has increased 25 percent in the Great Lakes region and the availability of heroin, regardless of type, has increased over the past six months.

"Unless we act immediately, the use of heroin will gradually become a serious problem in our schools, " said Fouts in a written statement.

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