Horse rescue groups brace for more neglected horses

Macomb, Michigan (WXYZ) - We have reported on numerous cases of starving horses in recent weeks, from Livingston County to Detroit.

Why is this happening now?

Seven Action News spoke to Suzanne Millican from Second Chance Ranch and Rescue. She says her organization is bracing for an influx of neglected horses recently seized by animal controls.

"Second Chance Rescue has participated in four seizures in the last two months involving a total of 48 horses. We have taken responsibility for 14 of those animals, and five of them are pregnant," said Millican. "We need supplies, blankets, buckets, feed, and eventually owners."

One of the reasons so many horses are being found malnourished is the skyrocketing cost of hay.

Due to dry weather, hay has more than doubled in cost. A bale of hay cost $4 last year, and is going for at least $9 this year.

Now that the grass has been not growing for some time animals are suffering. Especially the horses in the care of owners who can't afford their animals and don't ask for help.

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