Maslamani guilty on all 18 charges

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Ihab Maslamani has been found guilty of kidnapping and murdering Matthew Landry. 

The verdict came after the first full day of deliberations.  The jury foreman read through each of 18 counts for a 3-day crime spree last August.

For a list of all 18 counts on which Maslamani was found guilty, watch the video player to the left.

The jury asked to see video from both a Sunocco and a Marathon station. Prosecutors say that the video shows Maslamani in the hours after the kidnapping of Landry. They have argued that the video from the Sunocco station shows Maslamani using Landry's card at an ATM.

Maslamani is accused of carjacking, abducting, and killing Matthew Landry in August 2009. Speaking with Action News reporter Michael Rosenfield, Maslamani's attorney said his client doesn't understand the seriousness of the case. Joseph Kosmala calls his client "an 18-year-old child" who has a lot of learning disablilities. However, Kosmala says Maslamani did not meet the state standard from insanity.

Kosmala also says that Maslamani "just doesn't get it" and that he was interested only in how they were doing and whether or not Kosmala had any candy for him. He says Maslamain views the case as "cowboys and indians."

He also says that Maslamani has always taken responsibility for the bank robbery, but that he has always denied murdering Landry. Kosmala says Maslamani told him that he has an idea who killed Landry, but that his client lives by a street code and would not say who that person is.

Kosmala says his client has not had any visitors and that no one brought him clothes for the trial. He says Maslamani has been raised in foster homes and that he grew up on the streets.

Landry's body was found in a burned out Detroit home days after he was reported missing in August 2009.

Prosecutors say the murder was part of a three day crime spree by Maslamani that also included robbing a Flagstar bank and an attempted carjacking.

Tonight, jurors are talking about their verdict and the emotion in the jury room.  They say they felt so bad for the Landry's who lost their son but they struggled with sending an 18 year old to prison for the rest of his life with no chance for parole.  In the end though they say they did believe that Maslamani carjacked and kidnapped Matt Landry and took him to a dangerous place where he was murdered.

Landry's mom Doreen says the family is relieved and they'll try to focus now on Matthew's life and how beautiful a person he was.

There is a second suspect, Robert Taylor who is also charged with the murder and is set to go to trial later this month.  The Landry's say they will be in court for that trial and that verdict as well.

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