Kid Rock surprises Romeo High School students at assembly

Kid Rock donates $5K to school's music program

ROMEO, Mich. (WXYZ) - Students at Romeo High School got a surprise visitor during an assembly Wednesday.

Kid Rock dropped off a big donation to help his Alma Mater's music program.

Rumors had been floating around the school for 20 years that he was coming, but on Wednesday, the rumors became reality.

The school's administration learned three months ago that Kid Rock was planning a visit, but they kept it a secret from students.

Kid Rock donated $5,000 to the school's performing arts program, which matches a donation already made by the Grammy Foundation and Best Buy Mobile.

Students said his biggest contribution wasn't money, it was his presence and advice.

"Don't hang out with idiots," Kid Rock said. "Surround yourself with good people. If you surround yourself with good people, you'll go far. If you start hanging out with knuckleheads, you'll be right in the knucklehead section the rest of your life."

After the assembly, Kid Rock spent an hour with the kids in the music program talking about life as a professional musician.

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