Warren man charged with First Degree Murder in death of wife Kimbery DeJohn

WARREN, Mich., (WXYZ) - Murder charges came today in the death of Warren mother Kimberly DeJohn.

But the charges didn't bring closure to her family, only a sense of loss. The man accused of killing her is someone they considered family.

Loyd DeJohn stood silent as a judge told him he is charged with First Degree Murder in the killing of his wife Kimberly DeJohn.

"I did care about Loyd and I did love him as a brother-in-law.  It is very hard right now," said Kimberly's sister Dawn Hyslop.

A detective said Loyd admitted to fighting with his wife but not killing her after she went missing in May. DeJohn was then charged with assault and jailed on a one million dollars bond.

But in late June his wife's body was found buried near Cheboygan. Police believe Loyd buried her there per a tip from an inmate at Macomb County Jail. 

Loyd and Kimberly DeJohn's relatives say they knew the couple fought but never thought it would come to this.

"He's not a bad boy he just got mixed with dope and lost his mind or something my son would never do that," said Loyd's mother.

Loyd is scheduled to appear back in court on August 28.

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