Local dad creates high-tech Halloween show

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - There is a high-tech Halloween show that has become a hot ticket in Warren.

Steve Charles created the free show in the basement of his Warren home four years ago.

"Basically, have shows for family and friends," said Steve Charles.

The skeletons do all of the talking and singing.  Steve takes plain plastic skeletons from the store, and writes the software for all of their movements.

"I wrote everything by hand and it was very painful then," said Steve.  The first skeleton he made movements for took 2 months to craft. 

Right now, he has three skeletons and a set of pumpkins who sing.  One skeleton narrates the show, a second plays the piano, and a third female skeleton that he just made this year sings.

 The whole thing actually started out as a project for Steven's 12-year-old son when he was 8 years old.

"My son had a little plastic skeleton that talked.  A department store skeleton and he broke it and he came to me and said, dad can you fix it?"

Steve used technology he learned from his engineering program at Lawrence Technological University, but he also made a few improvements.

"Scared one of my wife's friends with it and decided that would be fun to make him talk and have some friends come over," said Steve.

Next year, he hopes to make the show even bigger by moving it to the garage.  He hopes that will also mean more people can enjoy the Halloween fun.

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