Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel pleased the Governor vetoed the gun legislation

MT. CLEMENS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel pleased that Governor Rick Snyder vetoed the gun legislation today and he talked with 7 Action News about the problems he saw with the law.

Hackel had been sheriff in Macomb County for 10 years and had been with the Macomb County Sheriff's Department for 30 years before voters elected him as Macomb County's first county county executive in November 2010.

Hackel tells 7 Action News that he believes responsible people should have a right to bear arms and carry concealed weapons, but he did not agree with the way the vetoed legislation had been written and found problems with it.

The legislation would have allowed permit holders to carry concealed weapons in places like churches, schools, hospitals, and stadiums, but did not allow people to openly carry their guns.  Language in the legislation made it so the places could stop people from carrying concealed weapons if the places declared themselves a weapons-free zone and cited the state's trespassing laws.

Hackel tells 7 Action News that the way the legislation had been written put too much responsibility on the shoulders of the sheriff in each county instead of a board made up of several people.

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