Man arrested after reportedly chasing neighbor with a hatchet

HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - A 27-year-old Harrison Township man was arrested Tuesday morning after he reportedly chased a neighbor with a hatchet.

The victim told deputies that he arrived home from work and was confronted by his neighbor, Brett Jones, who was wielding a hatchet.

According to the victim, Jones was intoxicated and allegedly chased him with the hatchet raised over his head.

Both men got into separate cars and a short car chase ensued.

Deputies were called when they returned to their residences on Hickler Lane.

A witness told Sheriff's deputies that Jones had been drinking at a bar nearby and was upset that someone threw a rock through his windshield.

When the victim arrived home from work, Jones reportedly confronted him thinking he was the one that damaged his windshield.

The victim told deputies he has know idea who damaged the car and had no idea why he was being chased.

Brett Jones was placed under arrest and is being held in the Macomb County Jail for Felonious Assault.




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