Mom allegedly drives kids to bus stop to beat up student

ROSEVILLE (WXYZ) - Police are investigating an incident involving a 16-year-old boy and four other people at a school bus stop Wednesday afternoon.

It is believed the mother of the four suspects drove all of them to the bus stop near the corner of Frazho and Kelly in Roseville to attack the 16-year-old.

Roseville police told 7 Action News the boy got into a verbal altercation with the siblings' sister earlier in the day and when he got off the school bus, four of the girl's siblings were waiting for him.

There were numerous witnesses at the bus stop when it happened. 

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin told 7 Action News several people were yelling at the suspects, telling them officers were on their way.

According to Chief Berlin, after the altercation, the siblings got into their mother's vehicle and drove away.  The victim was treated at the hospital with minor injuries.

Police are currently investigating the case. It is likely they could face charges.

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