Mom appears in court, asks for lower bond after allegations she offered her 4-year-old up for sex

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Disturbing new details in a case involving a local mother who is accused of offering up her 4-year-old daughter for sex.

Only 7 Action News was in court when Jennifer Brys and Edward Reardon appeared in court Thursday morning in Warren.

Prosecutors say Brys offered to let Reardon have sex with the young child. Attorneys for both Brys and Reardon asked the judge to lower their bond, but Judge Sabaugh denied the request.

At times Brys was visibly irritated, fidgeted while the judge spoke, not looking directly at the judge when he was addressing her and even interrupted him several times saying, "I'd like to speak to my attorney."

Her attorney mentioned her defendant is 3 credits shy of graduating from College at Davenport and even with that the judge said no.

The attorney representing Reardon asked that he be released and tethered but the prosecution spoke up saying at the time he got in trouble for this incident, the Feds were hot on his trail.

Apparently Reardon had been in contact with an undercover FBI agent posing as a 14-year old girl in Nebraska and was at the center of that investigation when police caught wind of him trying to lure Brys and her 4-year old daughter over to have sexual intercourse.

Brys and Reardon allegedly met on 

Warren police say Brys placed a prostitution advertisement on the website. She was contacted by Reardon of Lincoln Park. According to investigators, the two exchanged several texts. We're told his interests shifted from Brys after he learned she had a 4-year-old daughter.

In one text message, Reardon allegedly wrote, "To be honest I won't even wanna do like much with u... I really like her."

Investigators say Reardon was willing to pay $200-$300 for time with Brys. When he found out she had a daughter, he allegedly agreed to pay at least $300-$500. He allegedly said he wanted to shower with the child.

The day before the meeting was scheduled to happen, the child's father found the text messages on the cell phone and contacted police. Investigators believe he is Brys' ex-boyfriend and not connected to the case.

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