Movers fail to deliver family's furniture, belongings over month after Texas move

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. (WXYZ) - A St. Clair Shores family has been living in their home without any furniture for over a month and a half now because their moving company still has all of their things.

Sarah Gozur and her husband Tedd have been living without most of their belongings in their new home.  The couple and their one and a half year old son moved here from Austin, Texas for Tedd's job.

 "At first it was maddening.  And then it kind of got laughable and now we are just at our wits end," said Sarah Gozur.

The moving company Trans United Inc. picked up all of their furniture and belongings 46 days ago.   Since then, they have been sleeping on an air mattress in the living room.

"The air mattress is losing air now.  So at four in the morning when you hit the ground you're just so mad you can scream," said Sarah.  Sarah is also six months pregnant.  "It's sore.   I'm always sore now," she said.

Tedd said Trans United verbally promised him it would only take three days to move their things. 

"I call them everyday three or four times a day," said Tedd.

The contract they signed guarantees their items within 30 days.  Tuesday will be 47 days.

"They've given me six different excuses," said Tedd.

The Gozur's were frustrated and called 7 Action News for help.  We started taking action for the family by calling Trans United Inc..

Robert MIchalski, a general manager with the company apologized for the delay.  He told 7 Action News several different reasons for the delay including truck issues.  He said the company will compensate the family $50-$70 dollars a day for every day past the 30 day deadline. 

That seems like pennies to the family compared to the $4,500 they are paying Trans United for the move.

"We feel that we should be getting our stuff immediately at this point and that we shouldn't have to pay a single cent for the stress of living in an empty house all by ourselves like this," said Tedd. 

The general manager for Trans United also told 7 Action News the Gozur's will have their furniture by the end of the week.  We will be sticking with the family to make sure they get their belongings.

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