Neighbor tracks down alleged thief who was caught on tape apparently robbing man's house

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - A man is in custody for boldly breaking into a house in Warren. He was caught after he was recorded on surveillance video and tracked down by a neighbor.

The man can be seen casually opening up a gate, carrying a TV and other valuables from a house in the 11,300 block of Carrier. Then the burglar took off in a red car.

A short time later, the unidentified homeowner returned to find his place ransacked.

"The shock of pulling up to your driveway and seeing your gate open and your door wide open. You know you locked it when you left.  It's indescribable," said the homeowner.

The homeowner called 911 after reviewing surveillance video surrounding his home.

Two neighbors jumped into action and snapped pictures from the surveillance of the thief on their cell phones and went looking for the guy.

"The father and son who live down the block and went driving around and twelve hours later located the white male suspect in the same car they notified Warren Police," said Detective Danny Bradley at the Warren Police Department.  "This was about 8:00 pm.  Within a few minutes we caught up with him.  This was in the area of Schoenerr and Topher."

The bold burglar broke into the home during the day.

He first knocked on the door to see if the victim was home and can be seen rocking nervously back and forth. Once he's sure the home is unoccupied, he went for it and pried open the side door. The homeowner is just grateful for his brave neighbors and officers' quick arrest.

"Kudos to the Warren PD. They were in the area. They were on the job when he called 911 and said hey, I have a suspect here. After that they got this guy," said the homeowner. 

Warren police believe the suspect is connected to several other break-ins. They have recovered a lot of items and are currently trying to find who owns the items.

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