Exclusive: Police tell homeowners phone found on or near property

ARMADA, Mich. (WXYZ) - 7 Action News has learned exclusive new information from those questioned by police in the murder investigation of April Millsap.

Police reportedly told homeowners living along Omo lake, that Millsap's phone was found on their property or near it, shortly after she was found dead.

Those residents were told by investigators to search their property and be on the lookout for "missing items", possibly items that were on the teen.

This has led police to believe the killer may have passed through those yards next to the lake during the getaway.

That led divers and K-9 dogs to the lake Friday, first reported by 7 Action News.

Their intent--to dredge and dive the lake in hopes of finding more evidence the killer may have disposed of in the water while fleeing.

The jogging trail where April's body was found is a short distance from the lake and the properties in question.

There is a main road that crosses the trail which hugs the lake. Sources believe its possible the suspect used that as an eventual way out.

"There's a few articles possibly missing," Heidi Laskowski said of what investigators told her. She lives on the lake and next door to where police parked their search vehicles.

April was murdered while walking her dog last week. Police tell us her killer is still at large and no one has been charged in the case yet.

Hundreds of people attended the teen's funeral Friday and many entered the church wearing pink, her favorite color.

On Thursday, FBI and police set up roadblocks to check those coming in and out of town as they questioned people about the case.

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