Police search for gun-waving robbers who hit Sterling Heights Radio Shack

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Police are trying to track down three men responsible for an armed robbery at a Radio Shack in Sterling Heights.

The crime was captured on surveillance video Monday. The store is located in the Shops at Sterling Ponds strip mall.

The frightening ordeal unfolded within a matter of seconds. You can see the terrified 20-year-old employee back up slowly when a man with a mask moves in closer, holding a gun.

At least two of the robbers had guns as they directed the employee to lead them to the storage room.

A customer was hiding behind a rack in the corner at the time of the robbery, but the 27-year-old was quickly discovered and taken to an office in the back.

Once the robbers were in the storage area, they loaded up on iPhones and Galaxy cell phones.

While they were robbing the place, customers were trying to get inside. However, the intruders had locked the front doors as they entered the store.

Finally, the men demanded the worker go to the front of the store. There they used duct tape to secure her as they cleaned out the cash register. Before leaving, the masked men bound the victims' hands, feet, eyes, and mouth with duct tape.

Eventually the victims were able to break free and call for help.

A similar robbery happened about three weeks ago at another Radio Shack in Roseville. In that case the suspects posed as shoppers until all of the customers left.  

They then whipped out a gun and pointed it at a cashier, who then gave one of the robbers cash. The employee was also forced to lead the intruders into a back room where the men stocked up on cell phones.

The clerk was locked in the room before they escaped.

A 14-year-old was also in the store at the time, and was tied to a chair.

Sterling Height Police told 7 Action News they are working with Roseville Police to figure out if the cases are connected.

Radio Shack has no comment on the cases.

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