Roseville mom carjacked with her children inside the car

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Stefanie Staniszewski is back at home recovering after a terrifying ordeal.

The wife and mother of two was run over by a carjacker who drove off with her Jeep with her two little boys inside.

"I did get out of the car. I did leave it running--wish I could go back and change that, but I can't," says Staniszewski.

It happened in early October as she was about to drive her kids to school. It was broad daylight and she was with her boys in her Jeep parked at the end of her driveway. Her husband had already left the house and had forgotten his phone.

He was going to swing by and pick it up. Staniszewski planned on waiting in the driveway and just handing him the phone, but she was in a hurry and her 8 year-old was worried they'd be late for school. So, she left the car running and walked to the side door of the house. Staniszewski says she had no plans of going inside the house. She was just going to open the door and toss the phone on the counter.

That's when she heard tires screech. At first she thought it was her husband, but instead, it was a black minivan.

Staniszewski says she didn't think anything of it at first, but she started walking back to her Jeep.

"I got all the way down to the dip that goes into the street of the driveway and the passenger of the minivan hopped right out and hopped into my car. My heart just sank. The only thing I though of doing was running out in front of the Jeep. I was screaming like a wild woman, my kids are in the back! My kids are in the back!"

The carjacker hit Staniszewski and drove over her legs and took off. She suffered a fractured tibia and hit her head so hard on the street that she couldn't remember what day it was.

The carjacker soon realized he had kids in the car, so he bailed as it was moving and got into the minivan with his accomplice.

Staniszewski's two boys, ages 8 and 6, jumped out of the car as it was still on the move and ran to their mom.

"All I remember is opening my eyes. I was laying on the cement and I saw my 8 year-old running towards me. 
I screamed, where's your brother? He said right here!"

Thankfully, her kids weren't physically hurt and she was released from the hospital after one week.
She's getting around with a walker these days and recovering from her terrifying experience with a new lesson.

"I would say not to ever think that things can't happen to you. It really makes you think. I just never would have thought it would have happened in front of my home. It was a lesson learned," she says.

Roseville police believe they have the suspects in custody, but they're waiting on DNA results
for confirmation. The two men are also suspected in other carjacking cases.

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