Roseville neighborhood appreciates quiet after drilling for possible remains of Jimmy Hoffa

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) - On Saturday, the neighborhood in the national spotlight, linked to one of America's greatest mysteries was again quiet.

The news choppers, flying video drone cameras, national news crews, and crowds that were there on Friday were gone.

All that was left was crime scene tape and a patrol car guarding the property where a tipster told police he saw what looked like a body being buried there almost 40 years ago, possibly the body of Jimmy Hoffa.

Crowds gathered outside the home on Friday to watch as police drilled under the concrete where the tipster told them he witnessed something very suspicious.  They took soil samples. They saw no visible sign of human remains, but tests will be started on Monday to attempt to find signs of human decomposition.

"It was intense," said John Frederick.

He lives next door to the home at the center of the investigation into the disappearance of the notorious Teamsters boss who disappeared in 1975.

"All we needed was a food truck, and that would have completed it," he said, referring to the crowd the investigation drew.

He says if he had gotten out all he knows about this neighborhood's history, perhaps he would have prevented the pandemonium

Frederick says he has lived in the neighborhood all his life. 

"When I heard there might be a body, it was a surprise, but when I heard Hoffa, it was really a surprise," said Frederick.

He says he knew the people who built this home, and the people who lived here during the time when Jimmy Hoffa disappeared.  He says they were upstanding people.

He remembers neighbors talking about suspicious activity at the home when another owner moved in. Neighbors said the rumor was that there was illegal gambling going on, but that was long after Hoffa disappeared.

"The timelines did not add up."

He is waiting to find out what the soil samples police collected reveal. 

In the meantime, police too say they do not believe it is likely they will find the body of Jimmy Hoffa.  They want to make sure another missing person's case can't be solved with a simple look at what lies beneath the concrete at a Roseville home.

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