Roseville Police guard home where tipster says missing Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa's body is buried

Roseville (WXYZ) - "It is a mystery what happened to him, but I remember the day he disappeared clearly," said Patricia Thibault.

She says she remembers that in May of 1975 she was out of state with her parents.  They heard the news on television.  Police were investigating the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. 

"It was a historic moment.  We were a union family," said Thibault.

On Thursday, more than 37 years after Hoffa's disappearance, she found herself driving to the home at the corner of Florida and Kelly in Roseville.

The home is not far from where she lives. She wanted to simply see the driveway under which police are looking for remains.

"I hope they find him.  Jimmy Hoffa has a daughter remaining, and if that were my father and I didn't know where his remains were, I would to put him to rest."

The investigation started after a tipster told police he saw something suspicious, a body being buried under the home's driveway, near the time that the Teamsters boss disappeared.

7 Action News checked with county records.  We found the home in question used to belong to a couple, Franco and Antoinette Ferri.  They bought the home in 1973, and sold it in October 1975, several months after Hoffa disappeared.  We are working to find out more about them.

Police are not identifying their source, but say they found parts of his story credible.  They used a radar to scan the driveway, and found evidence that there is something under the concrete.  The question is what.  They plan to drill on Friday to collect samples that will be used to determine whether the radar detected human remains.

In the meantime, police are out at the home, keeping an eye on any possible evidence.

Police and neighbors are far from confidant that the Teamsters boss will be found.  They have seen such searches before. 

Seven Action News will be certain to let you know what they find.

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