Search parties looking for missing Rochester man

SHELBY TWP., Mich. (WXYZ) - George Vanderweit, 71, disappeared July fourth weekend after he went out for a bike ride.  7 Action News went out with the search party Saturday to find out how you can help bring Vanderweit home safe.

Family and friends searched through rough terrain today, hoping to find Vanderweit surviving somewhere.

Adam Besso led the search group through a dense wooded area where dogs last tracked the 71-year-old in Shelby Township.

"This is the area we covered to far," said Besso as he pointed to a map by a bike trail.

Adam is former military and used to be a United States Army Cavalry Scout. 

"There are several little pitfalls in the woods here," said Besso while he described the area where they are conducting their search today.

He figured the family could use his help even though he does not know the missing father and husband.

"It's the belief of many people, including myself and several people here that he is still alive and he's out somewhere and not wanting to be found," said Besso.

Vanderweit recently suffered from severe depression.  He went missing July 5 while he rode his lime green racing style bicycle on a trail by his home in Rochester.

"Be aware that he's missing," said Robert Vanderweit.  Robert came from Chicago with his wife to search for his brother who he said is fit for his age, but by nowhis hair may be longer and he probably has quite a bit of facial hair.

"Look to see if they recognize the person.  Too many people just put it at the back of their minds," said Robert.

Since he went missing, Vanderweit's wife and four children celebrated his birthday without him.  He turned 71-years-old on August 5.

"It's been hard to keep things going when you have this on your mind all the time," said sister-in-law Marsha Vanderweit.

While looking for Vanderweit the search party thought they hit a tragic end when they found bones.  A police officer came out to the area and determined the bones were not human but from an animal.  A relieved family continued their search.

If you want to help in the search, or keep updated on the progress, you can always visit the Facebook page, help find George Vanderweit here:


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