Severe pothole problems on roads in Warren, hotline set up to report craters

(WXYZ) - "It's a severe situation, so we have to respond in kind," said Warren Mayor Jim Fouts about the potholes in his city.

Mayor Fouts has set up a hotline dedicated to pothole problems. The number to call is (586)574-4584.

Some of the roads with the worst car-damaging potholes are maintained by the county.

When it comes to the streets maintained by the city, Fouts says Common Road might be the worst. Thankfully, Common Road is set to be replaced later this year.

Recently, Fouts authorized city crews to work overtime to patch potholes until sundown. Some crews with the city of Warren are now working Saturdays. $500,000 from Warren's neighborhood road improvement millage funds, approved by voters in 2011, will be used for overtime to patch potholes.

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