Single dad fights to get his name on son's birth certificate

Macomb County (WXYZ) - He has DNA proof and a court order saying he is a little boy's dad, but one Macomb County man says he still can't get his name on his son's birth certificate.

"My DNA test states I am the father," said Langston Hooper.  "There shouldn't be any question."

The problem is that 8 years ago when his son was born, the baby's mom was dating another man.  That man signed the birth certificate at the hospital.  Now Langston says he has been told he has to show not only that he is the biological father, but that the other man is not. 

"The state won't mess with me until I get a document that states he is not the father of Cameron due to DNA testing. "

Langston says being a good dad was important to him, but having his name on the birth certificate was not until his little boy's mom passed away.  Now he needs a birth certificate to show Cameron's school he is his dad.

"I am having trouble enrolling him."

Attorneys say there is a lesson here.

" Don't wait," said Mt. Clemens Attorney Tom Stotz. 

Langston admittedly didn't make sure his name was on the certificate for some time.

"When a child is born outside of marriage, quickly go to court to get custody and establish paternity. Make sure your name is put on the birth certificate then," said Warren Attorney Liane Kufchock.

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith says his staff is looking through old files to find documents that can help resolve this problem for Langston Hooper.  He has a court hearing scheduled for next month.

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