Tracking dog finds missing woman with dementia

ST.CLAIR SHORES, Mich (WXYZ) - A 76-year-old woman with dementia is recovering in the hospital after wandering away from her home in the middle of her night.

Rose Marie Hauler ended up blocks away, curled up on the ground in someone's back yard, wearing pajamas. Hauler's daughter Deanna Zwiesele says her mother is going to be okay. 

Zwiesele was frantic when she woke up and found the front door open.

"I thought I was living a nightmare, I knew I had to find her," Zwiesele says.

She called police, who brought in a tracking dog from the Macomb County Sheriff's department.

That dog, named Zeke, took a scent from a fleece Rose Marie had worn that day and found the missing woman, who was curled up on the ground near a fence.

"I blocked my ears when police came to my door because I was so afraid she was dead, but they said she's alive!," Zwiesele says.

Zwiesele says she has secured every entrance and exit in her house to make sure her mom doesn't do this again. She says her mom is expected to be okay. 

Zwiesele thanks everyone who helped her search for and then find her mom, especially the tracking dog named Zeke.

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