Warren Mayor Jim Fouts reminds people about fireworks ordinance

WARREN (WXYZ) - Warren has a new ordinance in place involving fireworks and keeping citizens safe during the holidays.

Mayor Jim Fouts rode along with a Sergeant with Warren police to refresh the minds of  local businesses about the new ordinance.

"Among those are you cannot sell to minors,” said Mayor Fouts.  “You should ask for ID.  Number two: you cannot sell to anyone under the influence."

In Warren, fireworks can only be discharged the day before and the day after a holiday.

A minor can only discharge ground sparklers, and they cannot be discharged on national holidays between 11:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.

Fireworks cannot be discharged on any street in Warren.  Traffic cannot be impeded at anytime. Discharge of fireworks is prohibited in any public park, school property, city streets and sidewalks and easement, including the ITC corridor.

"We have zero tolerance for using fireworks within 30 feet of residential area.  You can't use fireworks in school parking lots or church parking lots," said Mayor Fouts.

If anyone doesn't follow the regulations, they will be ticketed and have to pay $500.

The mayor believes a lot of people are not informed of the regulations. Some may just get a warning ticket.
He also says he is somewhat "challenging" the state law when it comes to fireworks.

Right now, in Michigan you can set off fireworks until midnight.

Mayor Fouts is strongly recommending people to stop before 11:00 pm.

"As many of the residents have told me, not just in warren but in other cities, it sounds like they are in the middle of a war zone," said Mayor Fouts.

According to the mayor, every year fireworks season gets longer and longer.  Many people setting them off over memorial day weekend.

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