Why aren't crews salting all the roads?

WXYZ - If you have been out on the roads in this winter storm, you may have noticed conditions can quickly change from one stretch of roadway to the next.

There are many reasons for this, but one is how road crews use salt.

This recent storm not only brought us several inches of snow, but strong snow-blowing winds. 

The Macomb County Department of Roads says if the snow is blowing a lot salt doesn't work well.  Not only does it not have time to melt as it moves, but when snow mixed with salt does melt, the blowing snow sticks to it.  This can create a slick patch of road.

The salt still improves intersections. As a result today the Macomb County Department of Roads has been salting freeways and intersections, but only scraping some sections of county roads. 

Drivers should watch out for changing conditions as they drive out in the snow. 

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