Police investigate Monroe church fire

MONROE (WXYZ) - It is one of the reasons why Pamela Jewell and her husband moved to their home on Front Street in Monroe.
To them, St. Michael Catholic Church is a gem that sits right across the street.

But to her frustration, earlier this week, it's believed someone wanted to tarnish it.

"People have no common sense any more, you know,” said Jewell. "Messing with churches.  It's sad."

Flames and smoke could be seen inside the building Tuesday and police think someone intentionally started the fire.

"I think it's horrible,” said Jewell. “It’s a beautiful church. My niece and my nephew both went to school there. It's gorgeous. It's a shame."

Police believe linens in the church were ignited which caused the linens and part of the altar, made of solid oak, to burn.

No one has been arrested for the crime.
"I hope they are caught. Definitely. This is sad,” said Jewell.

There was no more damage to the church and no signs of forced entry. 

Anyone with information should call Monroe Police.

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