One person killed after police chase and crash in Monroe, injured suspect in custody

MONROE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Police in Monroe confirm that one person was killed following a pursuit and crash Tuesday afternoon.

The violent crash took place at Jones Avenue and South Monroe Street.

The accident scene is just north of Lake Monroe, close to the area where South Monroe turns into Dixie Highway.

The violent crash took the life of woman and left her family heartbroken. The accident also left a young man devastated, because even though he wasn't driving the vehicle, it was his truck that ended up killing her.

Steven Theisen says when he let an 18-year-old friend borrow his truck on Tuesday, he never could have imagined the deadly outcome, that his friend would reportedly run from police, blast through a red light and slam into an innocent woman's car driving out of the Kroger parking lot.

 Many witnesses heard and saw what happened, but there was little they could do.

 Diana Cupp, 59, of Monroe was killed instantly.

The 18-year-old driving the truck was arrested. He had minor injuries. A young woman with him was not held, according to police.  

Police say they were pursuing the teen for speeding through neighborhoods; police say the crash happened about two or three minutes into the chase.

Police say the 18-year-old could be arraigned as early as Wednesday.

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